Photo by Alberto Lau Chang

I am an author and illustrator from California, plus a bi-cultural, active, and fun-loving person who entertains herself with comedy, soccer, language learning, and travel. Similar to the land where half of my heritage comes from, Colombia, my work is made of colores y cariño*, or colors and affection.
I love to work with mixed media and collage with digital touch-ups. I think there's a parallel between liking mixed media and growing up with two opposing cultures—in my case, Colombian and American. While it often made me feel like I did not quite belong anywhere, it also gave me a natural inclination to find shared experiences, connect different perspectives, and seek diversity in the people around me. Similarly, in my artwork I find it most interesting when there are diverse textures, colors, and materials all combining to tell stories with nuance and humor.
*"colores y cariño" from Magdalena, Historias de Colombia by Wade Davis 
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